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Note: if you played our old demo (the one was uploaded before 8/11/2022), please delete the old data to make sure the full version of the game works smoothly. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Silver blue is a BL visual novel 15+ with anime style, containing adventure fantasy content. As expected of us, the game will include:

Game features:

♦Three love interests and their respective routes, with 10 different endings overall depends on your choices. 

♦Around 200k words in content. 

♦45+ in-game Illustrations. 

♦30+ original backgrounds. 

♦20 original soundtracks.

♦5 different title screens to unlock.

The Team:

♦Director, Writing, Sprite & CG Artist: Cain.

♦BG Artist: Vui Huỳnh.

♦Programmer: Catslilypad studio.

♦ Translator: Yuki Yukihara & Cloud Le.

♦Proofreader: Gabmag & Cloud Le.

♦UI Artist: Kathaeris.

♦ Music: Cloud Road Music , Chaotrope, Mall_Oh .

♦SFX: Free Sound Effects, Free Sound Library, ZapSplat, Storyblocks.

♦ Beta Tester: Scorlight, Xuan Thi, Phat Thanh, Zack PyO

Release date Nov 11, 2022
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
TagsAnime, Boys' Love, Fantasy, LGBT, Mystery, Story Rich, supernatural, Yaoi


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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Download demo

SilverBlue-2.5-window & linux.zip 529 MB
SilverBlue-2.5-mac.zip 494 MB
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Is this game 18+ with sexual content?

No, it's not.

A really cute game overall. The romance of hagan's route did feel quite dull by the end, that's just my honest opinion. I mean it's expected for a romance story to be kind of dull if there isn't any passionate scenes. But in this specific route of the game, I feel the romance by the end became extremely one sided up until credits. I feel the love confession part should have been done during the time they are trapped in barrier. That could have made for a much better development. But since the romance only really became a thing by the end, everything else after felt rushed, annoying and forced. I didn't try the other routes yet, because I kind of lost interest for the moment after this first route but even though I felt like this about the romance.. the story overall is really good. The art is great too. I like this fantasy style. So don't take my opinion as me saying the game is bad, I'm just being honest about the one aspect I didn't like. I of course play other routes at later time, good job and thank you for making this! Don't stop making because this style is very good and hard to find other's like it. I just give this critique so you can have understanding the things that may need improvement for future stuff.


Thank you for your feedback :D Romance writing is not my strong point but I'll try my best to improve it in my next product ^^

(4 edits)

Thank you for taking the feedback well~ like I said that was the ONLY aspect I didn't like. Literally you did an amazing job on all the character's personalities. So to anyone else reading this, I HIGHLY suggest to buy the game, you will very much enjoy it regardless if the romance is strong or not. I just care a lot about the romance aspects, but like I said I will finish the game later. I only didn't finish right now because I was looking for something more romantic to read these days. This protagonist/main character was probably the only character of all the many games I played that I liked so much. You didn't make him too hard headed, not too weak, and not annoying etc... You made him a perfectly well balanced character that you want to cheer for. The other characters also perfectly meshed with him too. Also the story was really good fantasy style. I can see your strong point is definitely world building and creating likeable personalities. Trust me, I am a very harsh critique because played and bought many yaoi games or comics. So believe my words when I say you did amazing on those things, which at the end of the day is the most important anyway. I have some more I want to say, but I will put the rest I want to say in a cut off half of this reply, so won't distract from my main point on this game.


(this part are just recommendations, but I put this here also so other's that may be looking for some nice bl comics can see these too *most if not all can be read for free*)

As for improving romance writing I highly suggest you read these comics that I read multiple times because the romance was written so well. Some of them are serious, but some are more like romance comedies: 

"Yatteraneeze!" (this is a classical japanese bl manga that really focuses on realism on homosexual relations between young men in the 80's or 90's), "Castle Swimmer" (an extreme fantasy undersea comic on webtoons that is extremely well written in showing what modern day romance's and feelings may look like), "My Scheming Prince" (a Chinese bl manhua that you can read free on youtube, its based on a wushu jianghu fantasy the does a good job in portraying a strong friendship blooming into passionate romance), "Heesu in Class 2" (a high school korean bl on Lezhin that does a good job of portraying how in high school it's easy to overthink and miss the person who cares for you right in front of you). Lastly I will mention a more passionate/sexual romance comic called "Wolves Behind Bars" (it's korean omegaverse comic, so the genre may not be to a lot of people's taste, however it does a fantasic job at showing how a strong connection can easily develop into a uncontrollable passionate love between two lonely individuals)

These are all comics that I read multiple times from start to finish because the romance was just so attractive and well written. I suggest for you to read any of these depending on your preferred style of romance, because I strongly believe these can truly help you with your romance writings. I think "My Scheming Prince" may be something you may prefer more.


Woah thank you so much for detailed comment! I will definitely read the stories you recommended for reference when I have time! Nice day!

Hello, great story. When purchacing the game here is there any way to get a steam key also?

Hello, sorry you can only have the key of where you buy. Thank for stopping by!

Hello, I wanted to ask if the full version of the game works in joiplay as does the demo?

(1 edit)

Hello, the demo basically is a cut version from the full game so it will work no different.

This is true, but there are some games that the demo works with, but the full version does not work

Hello. I would like to know if you advise a specific order for the routes or if it doesn't matter, please?

(3 edits) (+2)(-1)

Hi, if you want to unlock the plot from less to more, the order of routes I recommend is: Hagan > Ethan > Sei. But if Sei or Hagan is your favorite character, you can play them first to ensure full experience since those two have a bit overlap. Route Ethan/Alvis should be played second. 

But you can basically play in whatever order you want because each route has secrets that the other routes don't reveal. And we also have to unlock all the endings and the extra memories to get the full story. Thank for playing the game!

Thank you so much   for the detailed answer! <3

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Bought this on steam, and posted a review there. Here are some of my thoughts:

This was a super satisfying game to fully complete. Each character has a unique personality and flaws. Playing all the routes is really important to get the full story. There is a bit of overlap in two of the routes however, there are enough differences in the flashbacks and unique revelations to make playing them both worthwhile. There are even funny moments. Also, the epilogues are very enjoyable.

 It has pretty art, fleshed-out characters, and excellent music. Also, the unlockable title screens and memories are an extra fun touch.

Hey thank you so much for take time to write a review in both site. (I'm so grateful since I'm thirsty for review ಥ_ಥ). I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the game, thanks again!


It was my pleasure. Thank you and the rest of the dev team for creating this game.

I've been so excited for the release and thank you for your work, is there a walkthrough available or do you plan on releasing one at some point?

Hi, I've posted one in the game page (below the demo link). Thank you so much for your support!

congrats on releasing!!!

Thank you!

This is in steam right? Its familiar to me. I wonder if there's a progress to full vers? Cant wait hehe

(1 edit) (+3)

Hi, the game will be on both Steam and Itch.io. We plan to release it on September 2022! 


Why are "hot headed" (reckless, loud, or aggressive) people almost always depicted with red hair??

My guess is that red is a fiery, hot colour depending on what you're using it to represent.  And there is a stereotype that people with red hair have a fiery temper.  

I get that. I guess I just think it's lazy.

Mua game có được ship tô bún boà hem zị XD

Ở Nha Trang thì có luôn nha xD

Since we're đồng bào, can I have a discount when the full game comes out : Đ ?

There will be a special price for đồng bào when you buy the game on Steam :Đ

lol omg for real ?! XD

Well thats just a joke, 180.000 is a really,really affordable price ! For somehow I think it is...cheap (though I'm poor af ;-;)

Anyway ! Keeps up with the good work! Cant wait for the full version <3

Hello!  I cannot seem to get the extended/new demo to install in the itch.io desktop app.  I deleted the old demo and its folders and files, and the app still cannot find where to get the new files to install it.  I can download the file to my computer directly, so I can still play the demo, but I also like to have everything in one place with the desktop app if I can.  Is there a way to fix this?  Thank you!

Hello, sorry for the inconvenience. We haven't found a solution yet but I will try to fix it as soon as possible. I will notify you once I find a solution!

Thanks for downloading our extended demo!

Huhu hiếm lắm mình mới gặp được team làm game BL của Việt Nam thế này T_T Tớ hứa sẽ ủng hộ các cậu hết mình khi các cậu ra bản full của game. Không biết mọi người định ra bản full khi nào nhỉ? :3

Cố gắng lên nhé!

Oa cảm ơn cậu đã ủng hộ pj nha \(//>v<//)/. Nếu cậu chơi demo và có feedback gì, dù khen hay chê cũng hãy cho bọn mình biết để cải thiện game với nhé ^^.

Ngoài ra game dự kiến sẽ được ra mắt vào khoảng cuối năm nay hoặc quý 1 năm sau nhe :3

Mình đợi các cậu lắm luônnnn ý T_T lần đầu nhìn thấy Silver Blue mình đã bị hớp hồn rồi ý T_T mong các cậu có thể ra game càng sớm càng tốt để con dân như mình có thể được chết trong sung sướng hehe 

Cảm ơn c nhiều nha bọn mình sẽ cố hết sức ^o^

Em... is it still alive? It's been quiet for a while now D:

Yes, we will release an extended demo very soon!

uff <3 That's great :D Thank you for anwsering! <3 

The next demo will be available to download on the day after tomorrow. Thank you for your interest in the project ^_^

I very much apologize but where to download the game,and then the link is gone((

(1 edit)

Hi, thank you for your interest, we are working on the extended demo and tweaking the old demo. The new version will be updated at the end of April!


Hello, when you plan to release the full version? The demo is wonderful!!!


Hello, the full version will be released in December 2020. However, we are going to release an extended demo version which have around 30k words more in the end of April.


Hi, I love the idea of this game, is the full version gonna be free? :)


Hi, it will be a commercial game. 

Deleted 2 years ago

Thank you so much!! 

Hi! Are the downloads for the demo no longer available? Just because I don't see them here.

(1 edit)

Hello! Thank you for check out our demo. We gonna release the new demo at 11:00 AM (Hanoi, Viet Nam) so we took down the old demo.

Demo hay quá ạ, hóng hóng bản game chính thức, mà cho mình hỏi là nhóm định sẽ để giá game tầm bao nhiêu ấy để mình dành tiền mua.

Cảm ơn c đã chơi demo nhé <3 Giá VN dự kiến cho Steam sẽ vào tầm 180k. 5/9 sẽ ra demo đợt 2 với độ dài gấp đôi, mong c sẽ chơi thử <3

Okela, mình thấy trước giờ ít có game người Việt mình làm nên sẽ ủng hộ hết mình :DD,  mà giá cũng rẻ ghê, mình còn tưởng cũng tầm 300k  hơn do art đẹp quá.

(1 edit) (+1)

Cảm ơn bạn nhiều! Vì bọn mình tính để game base là 20$, mà thường game 20$ chuyển sang Steam tầm 200k đổ lại thôi ^^

Bọn mình dự tính nếu may mắn Kickstarter tháng sau fund được stretch goal cho prequel và side story thì sẽ phát free cho backer, sau đó bán nó dưới dạng dlc riêng nữa đó ^^

Quao, nghe mà mình mong game phát hành bản chính thức mau mau để tậu á T vT, chứ mình chơi gần hết game content  hay với art đẹp rồi. Mấy con game mới thì toàn released tháng 12, chờ cũng được mà đói game quá :"))))

Cảm ơn c, tụi mình sẽ cố hết sức để có thể đẻ đứa con này sớm /(T^T)/~


The english could use some work, but other then that, pretty good.

Hi, thank you so much again, if you want to give us a little more detail feedback we would be very happy. If you find the english isn't right or there is a problem somewhere, feel free to tell so we can fix and learn from it! 

(3 edits)

Its just the Sentence Structure needs some work. Its still good though, and I could understand everything, just it could probably be Smoother. If you want I could try to read through the Demo again and see what may need some change-

I see, thank you so much! I will tell our translator about your feedback! If you don't have time to re-play this demo that's okay too, we will update an extend demo very soon with x2 words so if you can give us feedback about it that's will be great <3. 

Intewesting Vewy Vewy Intewesting

Thank you for trying our demo!